Apps in the Cloud

Use the cloud in your development process to unlock the potential of your developers. The accessibility, portability, and powerful collaborative capabilities are perfect for developers to build applications in the cloud.

There are two primary methodologies that apply to application development in the cloud:

  • Distrubuted Development:- the natural by-product of the Internet and the phenomenon that not everyone lives within commuting distance of their workplace. Distributed development is global development, which brings its own challenges with collaboration and code management.
  • Agile Development:- cloud environments can be provisioned instantly and nearly any configuration copied and activated. The possibilities for instant developments and test environments have become very attractive to developers, particularly when the virtualised cloud servers can be configured to match the customer's production servers.

Pre-releases of your applications can be pushed out to your customers' test machines almost instantly. Even if the customer isn't in a cloud environment yet, pre-releases can be posted on a public cloud somewhere for your customer to access and test remotely before accepting delivery of a finalised commercial release of the application.

There are a number of integrated development environments available which provide an incorporated browser-based work method for your developers. Utilising this technology within the cloud can vastly increase user collaboration during the stages of development and testing of your product, as well as ongoing product management.

The strong advocacy of using the AWS cloud hand-in-hand with application development is a big part of Amazon's traction and success. With Amazon's relentless innovation of offerings, the possibilities for developers are too good to ignore.