Grid Computing

Grid computing offers a way to solve problems and handle large processing tasks such as financial modeling, earthquake simulation, and climate/weather modeling with optimal performance.

By deploying a grid in the cloud you gain on-demand access to virtually infinite computing resources without the enormous capital investment. The ability to gain access to compute resources to meet peak loads with on-demand scalability should take future precedence over building your own centralised mass infrastructure for grid applications.

Using our pre-configured framework you will have the ability to perform a large number of jobs and processes on-demand with a scalable costing model. Large number crunching can be output with ease and simplicity. Deployments can take input from and deliver outcomes to cloud storage or internal data centre storage, whilst also being chained together resulting in one step providing the input to another.

Our consultants can deploy your grid framework and customise it to your needs. Harnessing this will enable both business users and researchers to easily deploy their own grids in the cloud, supplementing or replacing intensive grid processing jobs that have traditionally run within a centralised data centre.

Enhanced processing performance and cost reductions make grid computing in the cloud a powerful option for any enterprise that performs high end data processing and selection.