Free & Open SourceITOC's Support for Open Source and Open Standards

ITOC is committed to offering choice, flexibility, and lower costs of computing. By investing resources in developing, testing, and supporting open source technologies, ITOC is embracing and offering leading open source solutions as a viable choice for development and deployment.

ITOC prioritises the utilisation of open standards, whether in the context of open source software such as ITOCrm, Repshare, Proxy-LB, GelfSender, and win-PHPC, or non-open source software. Today, many ITOC customers are using open source technologies in mission-critical environments and are reaping the benefits of lower costs, easier manageability, higher availability and reliability, along with performance and elasticity advantages.

Open source projects may be installed via the ITOC Yum Repositories or by any of the means below.

  • Public AWS AMI's

    ITOC Public AMI Directory

    ITOC offers a variety of publicly listed AMI's (Amazon Machine Images) for ease of deployment, security, and enterprise support. Each of the various ITOC AMI releases have been security and production hardened, patched, and pen-tested at the time of release for optimal cloud deployment and performance.

  • ITOC Open Source


    ITOCrm is a production ready PostgreSQL replication management daemon designed for high redundancy and availability deployments on the Amazon Web Service platform.

  • Centralised GAuth Inventory Client - (Centralised Google Authenticator Web Client)

    Centralised Gauth is a web based Google Authenticator client that allows tokens to be stored/read from a MySQL database. This is useful when sharing a Google Authenticator token with others in a group environment.

  • ITOC Proxy-lb

    ITOC Proxy-lb is a redundant proxy server switcher/failover server for high availability deployments on the Amazon Web Service Platform.

  • GELF Sender

    GELF Sender is "log-shipping" daemon designed to run on Linux/Windows server platforms, with facilities to tail local log/syslog files and send them to a remote syslog/management server.

  • Popular Forks & Amazon Linux Bundles


    itoc-embeddable is a a lightweight bundle of the MIT fork of mongoose (now known as civetweb) & php implemented for the linux/unix platform.

  • GitLab / ci-runner

    Gitlab Runner written in node.js - (Continuous integration server for gitlabhq) .. originally ported & modified from github project "gcr"
    RPM can also be found on the repo.

  • Varnish / varnish-agent2

    Varnish-agent is a small daemon meant to communicate with Varnish and other varnish-related services to allow remote control and monitoring of Varnish - Designed for easy install to EL6/Amazon Linux AMI's.