About Us AWS cloud services

ITOC Australia is a leading AWS Consulting Partner providing AWS consulting services, technical services and AWS managed services to organisations of all shapes and sizes.

Leading AWS Partner

ITOC works with businesses across Australia and New Zealand to deliver innovative, secure and powerful enterprise-grade solutions based on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Our passions are architecting, implementing and managing cloud solutions, using a philosophy of ‘infrastructure as code’ to unleash a business's potential.

AWS Managed Services

The ITOC brand is synonymous with trusted managed services which has led to achieving the coveted AWS Managed Service Provider competency. ITOC Managed AWS helps ensure a business keeps its critical applications and systems online, maintaining a high quality customer experience and safeguarding brand reputation.

Cloud Expertise

ITOC's experience ranges from end-to-end cloud projects for clients in the mid-market, managed services supporting businesses with ~1million active global customers, to the provision of on-demand specialist resources in large multi-national organisations.

What separates ITOC is advanced business experience and capabilities, the ability to be agile and achieve objectives with greater speed, and a contagious entrepreneurial spirit.

Like Amazon, ITOC is customer-centric and focused on lifetime value as a lifetime partner. ITOC cloud teams work collaboratively with internal customer teams to guarantee that value is delivered from day one. ITOC's role as a cloud partner is to ensure its customer's continued business success and growth.

Our Mission

We assist Australian businesses to leverage the game changing cloud, resulting in greater agility and product/service performance, whilst replacing large capital investment in infrastructure with much lower variable costs. We are experts at taking organisations through this transformation.