Application Development.. Enterprise quality applications in the cloud

ITOC provides specialised cloud application development for all kinds of businesses and enterprises, with the ability to cover a variety of programming languages. ITOC has successfully delivered customised applications from MAC and PC desktop-based apps, enterprise and Government grade web applications, to network based smart phone management systems for high-end mobile devices.

By aligning the benefits of the cloud with application development - ITOC can build solutions faster and have the ability to rapidly scale test environments to simulate real-world scenarios. All at the push of a button thanks to Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).

Our team will take ownership over all the key areas such as solution architecture, design, development, prototype, functional and non-functional testing, infrastructure, project management, maintenance and support.

Product Strategy & Architecture

ITOC can also provide other business functions essential for the successful development and launch of a new business application or Saas product - including but not limited to market research, business analysis, quality assurance, billing models, and human resources.

Why use the cloud?

Application Development projects can be high-risk, high-expense and are often prone to failure. Developing applications in the cloud ensures you keep costs low and your process remains agile. Lifecycle becomes shorter, workflow improves, ultimately your risk is lower. Time to market can also be dramatically reduced. With an AWS dev/stage/test environment you can truly gain a competitive edge.


Some technologies used by ITOC:

  • Java

  • Node.JS

  • Linux C

  • Microsoft.NET

  • PHP

  • Perl

  • Python

  • SQL

We're great at what we do and we want to share our experience with you and your business.

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