Cloud Readiness.. Where are you positioned on the cloud roadmap?

ITOC will get to know your vision, including both short-term and long-term business goals. When these insights are added to a high level overview of existing IT infrastructure, ITOC can accurately identify where your business is positioned on the Cloud Adoption Roadmap and start guiding you towards greater benefits.

Discussions around business processes and applications is how we start identifying and prioritising new opportunities. ITOC strives to understand as much as possible about your business process from start to finish before providing advice, and we have developed a comprehensive but simple approach to evaluate an organisation's IT infrastructure.

Assessments can either be part of a pre-sales exercise at no cost to you, or for more comprehensive appraisals one of our consultants can spend additional time onsite working with your team. ITOC makes recommendations targeting the highest priority business needs.

Some basic assesssments ITOC provides:

  • Cloud Readiness Assessment

  • Cloud Benefits Assessment

  • Cloud Risk Assessment

  • Cloud Maturity Assessment

  • Cloud Online Review Service

Determing cloud readiness is an important part of a successful transition to the cloud. ITOC works with businesses every day to discover great opportunities that lead to new benefits such as lower operational costs and increased agility.

We're great at what we do and we want to share our experience with you and your business.

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