Remote SupportAsk for assistance

By Telephone

AWS Managed Services customers can contact ITOC support technicians 24x7 on the numbers below.

   Brisbane (07) 3613 0020

   Sydney (02) 8228 2201

Remote Desktop

If you require a technician to connect to your computer remotely please contact us first and then download/run the file below.

Note: If you have any security programs (eg. Norton Internet Security) make sure you allow the client to connect if asked.

1. Please save the file somewhere it can be accessed easily. (i.e. Desktop)

2. Run the file.

3. Select "Run" again to allow us to connect.

Your computer will then be accessed by the ITOC support consultant you are speaking with until they end the connection. This program can also be used for remote training.

Once disconnected we cannot access your computer again without you first running this file.